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My name is Brenda MacIntyre. My Native name is Medicine Song Woman. I am delighted to connect with you and share some of the wonderful gifts that I have received through my own transformation.

I'm a healer, business coach, spiritual mentor and award-winning business owner with a 26 year successful career as a recording artist. I'm also a single mother to an awesome young man and wonderful teenage daughter. In short, after many years of following my passion but not making enough money, I am now a prosperous singer, healer, spiritual mentor and business coach.

So what exactly do I do? I help women healers, coaches and practitioners who are struggling with putting themselves out there, to find their voice, fulfill their purpose and live rich, prosperous lives!

If you know my story, and you want to help yourself, humanity and Mother Earth through this planetary shift in a much bigger way, just CLICK HERE for your FREE GIFTS.

If you want to know a little more about me...

I was an award-winning recording artist. I appeared on tons of TV and Radio programs. I was Aboriginal Businesswoman of the Year in 2007. But I was sidestepping my dream - playing small and keeping most of my sacred power locked up inside. Until I finally got tired of just getting by.

Using what I learned on my journey from being intensely shy to wildly confident, I developed a system to help women to find their voice.

And in one of my own workshops in 2009, I discovered a sacred pathway that is inside all of us that leads not only to finding your voice, but also to prosperity and fulfilling your purpose.

When I cleared my own sacred pathway and began to reclaim my power, my whole life changed.

I spontaneously healed a chronic skin condition I had carried most of my life. In the first half of 2011, I made twice the income of my entire last year. And I am fulfilling my life purpose in a bigger way than I ever could have imagined... and making a HUGE difference through the work I do, helping women worldwide to find their voice, fulfill their divine purpose and live rich, prosperous lives!

Are you sidestepping YOUR dream, playing small and not putting yourself out there?

Are you settling for less, when you KNOW there's something more, something bigger inside you longing to be expressed?

What if YOU were to unleash the FULL POWER of all YOUR sacred gifts and really let yourself RECEIVE the abundance and JOY you deserve?

Enjoy 7 FREE audios and healing songs plus weekly tips and resources, all packed with inspiration, hope and healing energy to help you step into your powerful purpose!




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